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Goals: these Navitents will... Published Navitents
create the safety about the goal to Learning PHP
increase the successfulness for the goal to Learn the preparation needed prior to teaching the training method
increase the confidence to resolve differences in a mutually respectful way.
increase the confidence to feel valued and appreciated for who you are and to treat others as you would like to be treated.
improve the successfulness for the goal to Teach "No Falls" Training Method
reduce the possibility of of getting tick bites that can lead to Lyme disease.
improve the ability to transform revelation received in intercessory prayer into personal maturity in Christ, Jesus.
improve the ability to make friends who bring out the best in you.
improve the successfulness of the goal to Learn the techniques for teaching the method
improve the ability to trust as you identify and overcome behaviors that negatively affect your friendships and relationships.
accelerate the always about the goal to Learn how to transition the learner to ride on own
increase the success of eliminating bad clients.
improve the successfulness of the goal to Teach the Bible to produce in all participants a vibrant relationship with God, and, in as many as are called, a passion to commit without reservation to lead in the cause of Christ in the world.
cause the confidence in the goal to Applying God's Word to your life.
improve the possibility of bathing your reluctant Westie.
increase the success of introducing new users to the benefits of Navitents.
improve the ability to recapture your dreams and turn them into a workable life and career plan.
cause the successfulness of the goal to maintain body fitness.
improve the successfulness of the goal to 锻炼身体提高免疫力
improve the ability of understanding the Gospel.
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