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Publisher: Behavior Rx
Published isoBlogs: 3 Doers: 21 Followers: 12 IsoBlogs done: 96
Bio: This is a place for those who desire a simple, straightforward solution to their most immediate healthcare concerns. Having spent 11+ years as a Senior Institutional Healthcare Consultant with one of the world's top pharmaceutical companies, I understand disease state management from many vantage points: the disease itself, MD's, managed healthcare, pharmacists and, most importantly, the patient. This isoSite is emerging and evolving, so bear with us as we create isoBlogs, communities and teams to meet your most pressing needs in the health arena. If you have ideas, feel welcome to send them along. Best to you in this part of your life's adventure. We hope to take what is overwhelming and maybe even frightening and turn it into a situation that inspires you and others to live life to the full!
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From Pre-Diabetes to a Passionate Lifestyle  21  10 Minute(s)  Operative  Engagement  Event  FREE 
From Type 2 Diabetes to a Life Fully Lived  30 Minute(s)  Operative  Engagement  Event  $14.99 
Hypertension 101  30 Minute(s)  Operative  Engagement  Event  $14.99 
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