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Doers: 7 | 
Form: Index | 
Phase: Post-Execution | 
Type: Pre-Event | 
Level: 1 | 
Start: Nov 17, 2019 | 
When:  | 
Goal: this index will improve the possibility of the goal to bring new users to
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Form: Index | 
Title: IsoBlogs: The Untold Story | 
Topic: What Is An IsoBlog And How Do They Work? | 
Phase: Post-Execution | 
Type: Pre-Event | 
Level: 1
Index Instructions: To hear the story, read the steps and then click on the isoBlog to discover more.
Response Step Sub-Step instructions isoBlogs
1)   What is an isoBlog and why should you care? Find out by clicking the Cognitive isoBlog below: What Is An IsoBlog And Why Should I Care?
2)   Where did isoBlogs come from? The inspiration for isoBlogs began when Haile saw several of his family members struggling with serious health issues. All were told that they must change their lifestyle in order to recover. Unfortunately, other than to "diet and exercise", no one could tell them how to change. Haile thought there must a way to find the right solution and deliver it to the right person in the right way. The isoBlog below will tell you more about the solution Haile envisioned: Isodoit
  2.1 How do isoBlogs work? Haile's platform converts any content with a goal into step-by-step instructions. It combines a social media front end with a behavioral science back end. It has a dashboard to make training simple and a payment engine to incentivize people and organizations to share their solutions. It transforms a one dimensional blog into a multi-dimensional isoBlog: IsoBlogs vs. Blogs
  2.2 When will isoBlogs work? Right now. As new doers join isodoit, Haile's family, and others like them, will be able to find evidence-based solutions designed with their specific needs in mind. Here's an example: Control Type 2 Diabetes For Life (Sample)
  2.3 Why do we need isoBlogs? Because we need solutions to our goals that get results. We need a simple way to successfully implement those solutions. We need a way to validate what solutions work and for whom. And we need a smarter way to share and distribute those solutions to those who need them. Why Am I Doing An IsoBlog?
3)   Brian, a friend of Haile, wanted to turn his book into an effective training tool. He converted one of his chapters into a Cognitive isoBlog and used the isodoit 'Share' feature to send it to his readers. Here is the Cognitive isoBlog: Welcome To Reality (Part 1) Employed Edition
  3.1 Brian's readers were enthusiastic about the isoBlog. They were able to take inspiration from the chapter and turn it into practical results. Brian converted all the chapters of his book into a Course isoBlog. Here is the Course isoBlog: Your Right Job Right Now (Pre-Employed Edition)
  3.2 Brian's Course isoBlog was a success. He used the isodoit Payment Engine to charge a price for his Course. Over time, he was seeing a new, nonlinear revenue stream from his original content. Your Right Job Right Now (Corporate Edition)
  3.3 Brian used the isodoit 'Community +' feature to organize his doers into training Communities. Now his doers were helping each other achieve results. Brian could also see when, and at what step, a member was stuck. This information allowed him to assist them when and how they needed it most. Your Right Job Right Now (Student Edition)
  3.4 To reinforce training and increase revenues, Brian used the Organizer isoBlog forms to make the instruction as simple as possible. For example, he used an Index isoBlog to maintain the results his doers were getting : Index For Maintaining Your Right Job Right Now (Business)
  3.5 As doers increased, Brian expanded his isodoit Communities into Teams and his Teams into a Group. Using the free isodoit tools, Brian's book had become a thriving and profitable cottage industry. He knew countless other authors and publishers were soon to follow. Your Right Job Right Now (Employed Edition)
4)   JP ran a non profit. She saw the results Brian had gained through isodoit and realized this could streamline services so that she could focus more of her time on programming rather than on fundraising or staff oversight. She began by turning her 'best practices' into Cognitive isoBlogs. Here's an example: Day 4_Unwritten
  4.1 Next, she created Communities and Teams and linked them to her website. She began to see a drastic, positive improvement in the behaviors and attitudes of her youth. The Next Step: 8_Vision4Future: Dream Big
  4.2 JP used the isodoit Track feature to show her donors the results she was getting. She demonstrated the specific goals that had been achieved and the exact steps that had been taken to achieve them. Her donors were impressed. Contributions began to increase... The Next Step: 4_Blind Spots, Baggage & Behavior
  4.3 JP turned her best practices into ten Courses. Here's one of her Course isoBlogs: The Next Step: 1_Turning Heartache Into Triumph
  4.4 Other non-profits saw JP's results and converted their content into isoBlogs. They built Communities, Teams and Groups. Like JP, they found their results improving and their donations increasing. Everyone was benefiting. JP asked herself a question: 'What if all non-profits applied these tools?" Here's how another non profit is doing just that: A Simple Solution To The Complex Problem Of Discipleship
5)   Sarah, one of JP's donors, was inspired to convert her family's prized recipes for fudge into Nutritive isoBlogs. For years she had wanted to share her recipes with her friends and now had found a fun and effective way to do it. Here's one of her Nutritive isoBlogs: A True Chocolate Lover's Fudge
  5.1 One of Sarah's friends, Joyce, did Sarah's isoBlog and loved it. She used the isodoit 'Share' feature to send the isoBlog to her cooking class. She also posted it on Facebook. Soon Sarah's isoBlog was spreading throughout social media. Here's another of Sarah's Nutritive isoBlogs: Dreamy Cinnamon-Chocolate Fudge
6)   Tom, a physical therapist, liked Sarah's isoBlog but was concerned about the high calorie count of the fudge. He decided to covert his calorie burning workout into an Active isoBlog. He shared it with Joyce's friends and his clients. Here's an example of an Active isoBlog: Before Breakfast: Lower Body Exercise, Simple Endurance
7)   Bob, a branch manager, spent 15 years looking for effective methods to increase his sales and profits. He brought in the best sales consultants. Sales would increase in the short term, but always fall back to their previous levels when the consultants left. Bob converted his sales training into isoBlogs and within one year more than doubled sales ($17 million to $37 million), tripled profitability and dramatically reduced stress levels among his staff. Using isoBlogs, Bob was not only able to sustain, but improve these results over time. Your Right Job Right Now (Corporate Edition)
8)   Mike was an Army Veteran who was struggling with alcoholism. While exploring the App Store he found isodoit and entered his goal in the search bar: '12 Step'. His inquiry brought up this Checklist isoBlog: Checklist for Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps
  8.1 Mike came to the fourth step, a Behavioral isoBlog. During that step, he gained crucial insight about his past. Mike realized something in him had changed as a result. A burden had been removed. Here's the Behavioral isoBlog: Step Four: Personality Inventory
9)   We see a day where people, from all over the world, can find the right solutions to their goals. From life-or-death solutions to solutions for a better fudge treat. A day where organizations and individuals have an open marketplace to demonstrate and benefit from their best practices and wisdom. A day where the merit of a solution is not based on the ability to promote it, but on it's ability to get real results, for real people, with real goals. Now that's a story worth telling! About IsoDomains
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