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Start:Jul 05, 2020

Duration:5 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the ability to apply Cal/OSHA safety standards for the construction industry.

Description: This Navitent will increase the successfulness of applying OSHA's safety standards. This information was taken from Cal/OSHA Pocket Guide f ... Read More

Summary: Safety Made Simple

Step 1

The next Steps cover Cal/OSHA safety regulations for Carcinogens. Where appropriate, we have referenced the code from Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations.

The topics we will cover in this Navitent are:

-Reporting Requirements and Safety Rules
-Regulated Area
-Changes to Initial Reporting
-Temporary Worksite Reporting
-Posting Requirements
-Emergency Information
-Safety Data Sheet and Labels

After each of the next Steps, select the 'successful' response to indicate that you have read and understand the Step.

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Step 2

Reporting Requirements and Safety Rules

Whenever carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals, as specified in the General Industry Safety Orders (GISOs) Article 110 Regulated Carcinogens are present in construction materials, the employer must comply with the reporting requirements and safety rules.

Step 3

Regulated Area

For all regulated carcinogens that specify a requirement for the employer to establish a regulated area, use of a regulated carcinogen within such a regulated area shall be reported to Cal/OSHA.

For regulated carcinogens that do not have a regulated area requirement, use of the regulated carcinogen shall be reported in certain circumstances.

Step 4

Changes to Initial Reporting

Initial use/changes in reported information of a regulated carcinogen shall be reported in writing to Cal/OSHA within 15 days.

Step 5

Temporary Worksite Reporting

Employers with temporary worksites need to provide the initial use/changes report for their permanent workplace location.

Step 6

Posting Requirements

A copy of the applicable written report of use, temporary worksite notification, and emergency report shall be posted for affected employees to see.

Step 7

Emergency Information

In case of an emergency:

-A report of the occurrence of an emergency and the facts obtainable at that time shall be made to Cal/ OSHA within 24 hours

-A written report shall be filed within 15 days

Step 8

Safety Data Sheet and Labels

The safety data sheet (SDS) and labels on the container must be reviewed to determine the presence of carcinogens.

Step 9

How much did this Navitent help you to understand the Cal/OSHA safety regulations for Carcinogens, including:

-Reporting Requirements and Safety Rules
-Regulated Area
-Changes to Initial Reporting
-Temporary Worksite Reporting
-Posting Requirements
-Emergency Information
-Safety Data Sheet and Labels

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