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Start:Aug 06, 2020

Duration:5 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the ability to apply Cal/OSHA safety standards for the construction industry.

Description: This Navitent will increase the successfulness of applying OSHA's safety standards. This information was taken from Cal/OSHA Pocket Guide f ... Read More

Summary: Safety Made Simple

Step 1

The next Steps cover Cal/OSHA safety regulations for Multi-Employer Worksites. Where appropriate, we have referenced the code from Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations.

The topics we will cover in this Navitent are:

-Exposing Employer
-Creating Employer
-Controlling Employer
-Correcting Employer

After each of the next Steps, select the 'successful' response to indicate that you have read and understand the Step.

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Step 2


Multi-employer work sites are work locations where more than one employer and his or her employees work, usually but not necessarily at the same time.

Most construction sites are multi-employer work sites, and therefore more than one employer is responsible for safety at these work sites.

Each employer is required to notify the other employers of hazards and to guard against exposing their own employees as well as all other employees on the site.

Steps 3 through 6 below will identify the four categories of employers who may be cited by Cal/OSHA for employee exposures to violative conditions. These categories of employers are identified in 336.10, 336.11.

Step 3

Exposing Employer

Exposing Employer is an employer whose employees were exposed to the violative condition at the work site regardless of whether that employer created the violative condition.

Step 4

Creating Employer

Creating Employer is an employer who actually created the violative condition.

Step 5

Controlling Employer

Controlling Employer is an employer who is responsible, by contract or through actual practice, for safety and health conditions at the work site and who has the authority to correct the violation.

Step 6

Correcting Employer

Correcting Employer is an employer who has the responsibility to correct the violative condition.

Step 7

How much did this Navitent help you to understand the Cal/OSHA safety regulations for Multi-Employer Worksites, including:

-Exposing Employer
-Creating Employer
-Controlling Employer
-Correcting Employer

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