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Start:Aug 06, 2020

Duration:5 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the ability to apply Cal/OSHA safety standards for the construction industry.

Description: This Navitent will increase the successfulness of applying OSHA's safety standards. This information was taken from Cal/OSHA Pocket Guide f ... Read More

Summary: Safety Made Simple

Step 1

The next Steps cover Cal/OSHA safety regulations for Work Over or Near Water. Where appropriate, we have referenced the code from Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations.

The topics we will cover in this Navitent are:

-Safety Devices
-Vehicle Ramps
-Safe Walkways
-Adequate illumination

After each of the next Steps, select the 'successful' response to indicate that you have read and understand the Step.

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Step 2

Safety Devices

At locations where there is danger of drowning, employees shall use the following safety devices unless protected by appropriate fall protection measures:

-Personal Flotation Devices (PFD)
-Ring Buoys
-Lifesaving Boats

Step 3

Vehicles Ramps

Ramps used by vehicles to access the barges shall be strong, have side boards, maintained, and secured. 1603(a)

Step 4

Safe Walkways

When employees can’t step safely from a wharf, float, barge or riverboat tow, a ramp as per 1603(a) or a safe walkway needs to be provided. 1603(b)

Step 5

Adequate illumination

All means of access to wharves, floats, barges, and boats shall be adequately illuminated for their full length. 1603(g)

Step 6


Decks and other working surfaces of barges shall be maintained in a safe condition as per 1511, 1603.1.

Step 7

How much did this Navitent help you to understand the Cal/OSHA safety regulations for Work Over or Near Water, including:

-Safety Devices
-Vehicle Ramps
-Safe Walkways
-Adequate illumination

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