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Start:Jul 07, 2020

Duration:5 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the success of the goal to create an isoBlog and train the world.

Description: Start isoBlogging and train the world with your expertise! This simple guide will take you step-by-step through the successful creation of ... Read More


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Brian Golter


Step 1

A Session is a set of active, nutritive, operative, cognitive or behavioral isoBlogs grouped together in a cohesive block of instruction.

In a Session you are grouping together task isoBlogs that you have already created.

Step 2

From the Create page, select the Session form in either the Simple or Advanced create options.

Step 3

Use the Location, Goal, Hypothesis and Details sections just as you would for any other isoBlog.

Step 4

In the Assembler, click on the isoBlog basket. Once you are in the isoBlog basket, use the search fields to find the isoBlogs you wish to add to your Session.

Step 5

In your isoBlog basket you will see a list of isoBlogs that match your search criteria. Select 'add' to the isoBlogs you want to use to create your Session.

Step 6

Select the 'assembler' tab at the top of the page. Select the 'add a task' button in your assembler. You will see a drop down menu in the Task field.

Click the menu and you will see a list of the isoBlogs you placed in your isoBlog basket.

Step 7

Choose the isoBlog you wish to place in each step of your Session. Press 'save' when you have selected your isoBlog.

Step 8

You can also add Unscheduled isoBlogs to your Session by selecting the 'add isoBlogs' button in the 'Unscheduled isoBlogs' tab. The isoBlogs from your basket list will remain the same.

(Note: Unscheduled isoBlogs are isoBlogs that your doers may need at an unforeseeable day and time e.g. a recovery isoBlog for a injury incurred while doing an active isoBlog ).

Step 9

You can always add new isoBlogs to your IsoBlog basket by retruning to the isoBasket basket and repeating steps 4 through 8.

Step 10

Use the 'Zone, 'Info', 'Session Overall Assessment', 'Protection' and 'Publishing' fields just has you would for creating a Task isoBlog.

Step 11

Select the 'Save and Continue' button at the bottom of your Create page.

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