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Title: Index For Maintaining Your Right Job Right Now (Business)
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Goal: this index will increase the success of the goal to increase levels of achievement and fulfillment in the workplace.
Brian Golter published this Index at under Products | Books and Education | Personal Awareness and Self-Improvement
Doers: 7 | Form: Index | Phase: Reception | Type: Post-Event | Level: 2 | Code:
Index Instructions: To maintain Your Right Job Right Now, read the instruction for each Step below. If you come to a Step and are not confident that you are accurately fulfilling the instruction, click the isoBlog for that Step to receive additional step-by-step instruction.
Index Topic: Maintain a high level of achievement and fulfillment in the workplace.
Start: Jan 29, 2020 | When:
Step: 1
instructions: We understood that the way we were taught to choose our career goals was based on a matrix of lies and false associations that lead us further away from what we want most in our careers.
Step: 2
instructions: Came to see that our underlying negative beliefs are controlling our behaviors, moods and motives in the workplace.
Step: 3
instructions: Agreed that in order to increase our levels of achievement, fulfillment and freedom, we needed to transform our thoughts and beliefs and this could only happen under the influence of good leadership and a systematic, persistent onslaught of training.
Step: 4
instructions: We went back to our past and recalled our first dream.
Step: 5
instructions: We identified our favorite hero and the specific virtues and attributes that we admire most about them.
Step: 6
instructions: We took an inventory of the worse things anyone has ever said about us and determined our negative beliefs.
Step: 7
instructions: We applied the exact opposite of our negative beliefs and determined our positive core beliefs.
Step: 8
instructions: We applied the virtues of our hero and our positive core beliefs to derive at a clear understanding of the person we are meant to be.
Step: 9
instructions: We took a personal inventory of our False Self and all our False Associations.
Step: 10
instructions: We continued to search for the underlying truths of our False Associations and to discover what we wanted most from our careers.
Step: 11
instructions: We committed to taking courageous actions each week to overcome our fears, reinforce our positive core beliefs, prevent our false associations from driving our behaviors and, ultimately, become more of the men and woman we were meant to be.
Step: 12
instructions: Once we understood and were able to put all these Steps into practice, we helped others discover their 'Right Job Right Right Now'.
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