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Your Right Job Right Now Seminar

Start:May 24, 2020

Duration:1.5 Hour(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the success of finding Your Right Job Right Now (continued training).

Description: From "Your Right Job Right Now", this Navitent is designed for users who have completed the course and wish to continue their jour ... Read More


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Brian Golter

Summary: Unconventional Wisdom, Unbelievable Results

Step 1

To experience a 'Right Job Right Now' seminar, go to the 'demo' above.

The video is one hour and fourteen minutes long. So find some time to sit back, relax and take it all in.

Alternatively, you can schedule this isoBlog whenever you like and watch a portion of the video at a time.

Select 'successful' when you have finished watching the video.

Step 2

Regarding finding your right job, how much did you benefit from watching this video?

Step 3

What was the single most important thing you learned from the video?

Step 4

What was the second most important thing you learned?

Step 5

Based on what you learned, if a good friend asked for your advice about how to find the right job, what would you tell them? Be specific.

Step 6

In all honesty, how difficult do you image it is going to be to successfully apply what you learned to the practical realities of your job search and career?

Step 7

Would you like the seminar leader to give you personal, step-by-step, day-by-day guidance in transforming what you learned into your right job, right now?

Step 8

If you answered 'Yes', go to the 'unscheduled' above and start the 'Right Job Right Now' Course that best fits your situation.

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