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Hours Log for FLY Mentors

Start:Jul 05, 2020

Duration:10 Minute(s)

Goal: this Productive Trail will accomplish the achievement concerning completion of Mentor Hours Logs

Description: This form will assist FLY mentors with creating their monthly hours logs.

Summary: Entry form to facilitate submission of individual contact opportunities for a monthly Hours Log for FLY Mentors.

Step 1

What is your mentee's name?

Step 2

Please specify the month and year of this Hours Log report.

Step 3

Please enter the date of contact into the Response area (with optional starting and ending times).

Step 4

Enter or copy the type of contact from the list into the Response area:
Face to face
Phone contact
FLY Event
FLY Training
Case Manager
Other (please specify):

Step 5

Add a brief description of the contact in the Response area.

Step 6

Please enter the amount of your time spent with your mentee or FLY in the Response area.

Step 7

If there are specific concerns/issues you want to make sure to address with your Case Manager, please enter your comments into the Response area. If there are none, please enter "None".

Step 8

To see a short video on the FLY Mentor program, please select "VIDEO" above.

Step 9

Please share this with your Case Manager and thank you for sharing this important data with FLY!

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