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Start:Jul 05, 2020

Duration:15 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to capture your dreams and turn them into workable plans (Vision4Future).

Description: 'Vision4Future' is part of The Next Step series designed to connect you to your dreams, guiding you to a simple, workable strategy that will ... Read More


Step 1

So...did you complete the vision board assignment from the past couple of days?

If yes, go to Step 2.

If no, what's in your way? If you're having problems doing it, post your challenges to your Campfire or the JP Campsite for help.

Step 2

So you finished the vision board task. You're aware what is for you and against you. You have an idea of how to get the help you need.

This is good.

Now you're ready to roll.

Your next step is to share it with someone. It could be a trusted relative, friend, mentor, coach, teacher, etc.

"It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else," said the late Erma Bombeck, a columnist and author who followed her comedic dream to fame.

It might feel a little awkward at first, but it’s a powerful step. And the person you share it with, in all likelihood, will feel honored to be included in your journey.

When the words are out there, it makes you more willing and committed to work harder to make it happen.

If you keep your dreams secret, they aren't likely to be fulfilled.

Will you share your vision board or, at the very least, your dreams?

Step 3

There's one other thing: Place your vision board where you can see it regularly.

It'll remind you to keep pursuing the best part of you.

We know it's hard, but how easy is it to stay where you are right now and never move beyond that place?

Would you feel the love in that?

Select 'Successful' when you have placed your vision board where you can revisit it often.

Step 4

You also were asked to write about what's going for you and what's in your way at this time.

How's that going? If you need additional guidance, post a question to your Campfire or JP Campsite. Or post to Publisher (us!) where your comments are completely confidential. Look at your Day Plan for our responses.

Step 5

Consider the actions in Step 1 and 2 as Bold Moves.

If you've identified what's in your favor, that's another Bold Move!

If you're tackling what is going against you, chalk up another one!!!

It takes most people some time to determine answers and seek the right help.

To get you rollin' in that direction, go to the 'video' icon and watch Terraplane sing, 'Get Me Golden'.

It was recommended by our friend Ryan to inspire you to keep moving toward your destiny. We know he is!

Let us know what you thought of the clip when you're finished.

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