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Start:Jul 16, 2020

Duration:20 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to move on and gain something much better (Justice).

Description: 'Justice' is part of The Next Step series designed to as a personal nav system with step-by-step guidance for teens and young adults who've ... Read More


Step 1

Has anyone ever accused you of doing or saying something that you didn't do?

That's yet another way to feel the weight of injustice.

If so, it probably felt awful.

Can you relate?

Step 2

Here's a visual of what it looks like to be poorly treated and come back from it in a great way. Take a look at at a couple of scenes from the story of Joseph, the messed story we talked about in Day 3.

Let us know if you liked the clips when you've finished.

Step 3

If you've experienced being lied about or falsely blamed, then describe the accusation, who made it, and what came of it?

Step 4

If you're able to get a meeting with the people holding you responsible for something you didn't say or do, then here are a few tips:

Be honest.
Sit up straight.
Don't fidget.
Be calm.
State the facts only.
Look the person in the eye.
Be humble.
Ask for their opinion.
Ask what more you can offer so they'll believe you.

How much do you believe that this approach can help your situation?

Step 5

The most important thing we can say here is to be honest.

If you're not able to meet, then imagine having a conversation about what happened.

What would you like to say?

Step 6

There's another way for you to prepare for a meeting if you're able to get one.

Try role playing with a trusted friend, mentor or someone else who's on your side.

It helps to role play in order to get over your nerves.

Will you do this?

Step 7

Will you agree to the following:

*Don't gossip.
*Get off social media.
*Close your social media accounts if they're hurting you.
*Find a person who will champion your cause.
*Don't overreact.
*Don't threaten anyone.
*Don't seek revenge.
*Don't talk to the accuser alone.
*Remain true to yourself.
*Pray for help.
*Trust the help.

Step 8

This is going to be hard, but try as best as you can to forgive the accuser. It's not for them. It's for you, so you can move on and focus on your present and future.

Wish them well with the kind of blessing we talked about in previous navitents (navigational steps) to break any hold they may have over your sense of well being.

It could go something like this:

I hope, (fill in their name), that you have the courage to speak the truth and to take back what you've said about me that was untrue.

I hope you experience the peace that follows such a brave decision. I pray you let go of your attempt to hurt and humiliate me or to set me up in order to save yourself or someone else.

I hope circumstances arise that flesh out the truth to the right people at the right time.

I wish you well regarding the opportunity you now have to apologize and move on just as I forgive you and will move on with my life because, in reality, you've taken nothing from me.

Step 9

How do you feel now?

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