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Title: Day 12_Power of Words
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Goal: this task will increase the proficiency of the goal to separate fact from fiction. (Perception vs. Reality).
Next Step - JP published this Cognitive Task at under Societal | Foster Care and Education | Interpersonal and Social Skills
Doers: 5 | Form: Cognitive Task | Phase: | Type: Primary | Level: 1 | Code:
Start: Dec 14, 2019 | When: | Duration: 10 Minute(s)
  • During a typical day at school or work, when someone gives what you think is an odd look, seems intense, or says or does something that makes you feel uneasy or angry:

    *HEAD UP

    Visualize an actor like Michael B. Jordan or Lupita Nyong'o. They have it.

    How confident are you that you can handle a situation that previously made you feel uneasy?
  • To kick start the conversation, you could say something like, "Your expression made me wonder if something was wrong. Were you deep in thought, having a bad day, or upset with me about something?"

    *LISTEN with both ears, a closed mouth and an open mind.

    *ACKNOWLEDGE that you heard them.

    *RESPOND calmly. You could say, "when you did ...... (fill in the blank), I took it as... (fill in the blank). But what did you mean by it?"

    The point isn't intimidation. Go for a win-win where each person walks away feeling good, feeling respected, and feeling free to be themselves.

    Are you feeling it so far?
  • After the conversation you'll be able to put down another survival tool: the need to have the upper hand or the flip side which is the need to avoid conflict.

    Your new tool is the ability to determine the reality of a situation rather than relying upon assumptions.

    How much do you think these tips will help you in the long run?
  • Go to the 'demo' tab and watch the late great, Maya Angelou, give her take on the power of words.

    Afterwards, tell us how her commentary makes you feel.
  • Ms. Angelou also said, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

    Picture a person who you just can't seem to get along with for whatever reason. What do you think would happen if you followed Ms. Angelou's advice?

    Using the tips you've learned so far, play out a conversation in your mind that you could have with them that would make you feel like you had made some progress toward getting along.

    How helpful was this task in making you see how you could do things differently for a better outcome?
  • When the time comes, how willing are you to have this conversation for real?
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