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Start:Jul 07, 2020

Duration:15 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to overcome emotions that result in painful outcomes (Blind Spots).

Description: 'Blind Spots' is part of The Next Step series designed as a personal nav system. Each day it offers specific step-by-step guidance to help ... Read More


Step 1

In the Day 15's navigational steps, you were encouraged to forgive the person or situation that hurt you deeply so you could move on with your life.

That's a big ask, but it's a request made to help you.

It's not letting the other person off the hook.

It's just that you're leaving the pain behind, trusting that justice will be done eventually, and you're getting on with the business of living your life.

Were you able to forgive?

Step 2

If you've been able to forgive, then you need to know that emotions may surface now and then that let you know you're not completely finished with it.

That's okay. It's normal.

You may need to heal a little deeper each day, one day at a time.

How are you doing with this now?

Step 3

Do a gut check.

How sincerely committed are you in forgiving and moving on?

Step 4

Remember what Mr. Perry said in the Day 15 interview.

He said he had to remind himself that forgiveness was about taking back his power by telling himself that his father would no longer have a hold over his life.

The rage that had turned him into someone completely different was gone. He had the peace of mind he needed so he could move on.

If you're determined to move on, then your life is now your own.

What does that mean for you? What do you expect to be different now?

Step 5

How does regaining your power change your ability to control outbursts if anger has been a problem?

If you tend to go silent during a heated exchange, then how does regaining your power change the way you stand up for yourself?

Step 6

If you're struggling with emotions today, then repeat yesterday's act of forgiveness. Let it go another level deeper.

In the space provided, tell the person who wronged you that you're releasing their hold over your life. You will no longer be obsessed with injustice or vengeance. You're leaving the past and stepping into your future.

The act of writing privately is another move toward giving up the stranglehold of anger and injustice. Writing it is enough.

If it you prefer, you could have a conversation in your mind between you and the person.

Step 7

Since forgiveness is often a journey, a step-by-step process, then give yourself all the time you need to move ahead.

How does that land with you?

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