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Start:Jul 02, 2020

Duration:15 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the confidence to understand your value and learn how to command respect (Worthy of Respect).

Description: This 21-day trail is part of The Next Step series that offers step-by-step guidance to help teens and young adults discover their value and ... Read More


Step 1

Have you found that it's really hard to walk your talk if you're not around people who walk theirs?

If you surround yourself with people who disrespect themselves and others, then it's nearly impossible to keep yourself from doing it.

The reverse is also true.

Surrounding yourself with respectful people is the simplest way to be shown the love and respect you deserve.

Are any of these people in your life?

If so, name them. Beside their names, note if you talk to them once a week at minimum.

Step 2

There's someone we recommend that you leave off your list for now.

Boyfriend. Girlfriend.

Why? That’s because they have to earn your trust over time. OVER TIME.

Time means more than a week.

More than a month.

More than six months.

Think nine months to a year.

You can increase your trust along the way, but they can't be the only one in your inner circle.

Any of us can behave for a week, a month, even six months...sort of.

Time is your friend.

It protects you.

It allows you the space to monitor behavior and see if that is the sort of person you want in your life. It may even prevent your heart from being broken yet again.

Will you give this advice a try?

Step 3

If you only have (or have had) boyfriends or girlfriends as your sole support, then consider how that has worked out up to this point.

Is it time to start a new way of thinking about the people you date?

Step 4

Try this.

Imagine yourself with someone who has known you for about year.

You've seen them through the good times and the not-so-good times. You've learned to work things out together and have learned how to respect each other.

You brighten up just thinking about this person and would do anything to support, protect and encourage him or her.

You truly want the best for each other and have no problem in making sacrifices to help each other out.

You can practically finish each other's sentences.

You laugh at the same things.

You have a lot in common.

Your values line up.

You've learned through experience that you can trust each other.

You even challenge each other to reach your potentials, and you help each other get there.

Got that image?

Step 5

Have any of your dating relationships been like this?

If so, which ones?

Step 6

If not, then you're probably being more honest than those who said yes.

What has been missing in most or all of your romantic relationships?

Revisit Step 4 if you need prompting.

Step 7

How does it feel when these relationships go sideways?

Step 8

Is it time to take time and get to know each other as a way to respect each other's hearts?

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