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Start:Jul 12, 2020

Duration:10 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to overcome emotions that result in painful outcomes (Blind Spots).

Description: 'Blind Spots' is part of The Next Step series designed as a personal nav system. Each day it offers specific step-by-step guidance to help ... Read More


Step 1

Have you ever seen the movie, 'Antwone Fisher'?

It's based on a true story of a young man who's suffered a lot.

Understandably, he hurts emotionally, and he hurts himself and others as a result.

Mr. Fisher is a former foster youth who was treated unfairly and felt abandoned by almost everyone who should have stood by him.

He was hurt, fed up and angry. He hid his intelligence, ambition and talent behind his rage and lashed out at others or withdrew altogether to feel safe.

Go to the 'video' icon to see two clips from 'Antwone Fisher'.

Tell us what you thought when you've finished.

Step 2

Antwone recites his poem:

"...Who will cry for the little boy?
A good boy he tried to be.
Who will cry for the little boy
who cries inside of me?"

Write the first word that came to mind when you read Mr. Fisher's poem.

Step 3

Does this relate to your situation in any way?

Step 4

If so, are you ready to heal the child inside?

If the answer to is 'yes', then the steps in 'Blind Spots' are ready and able to help you.

Keep going on this trail and trust that step by step and day by day they'll lead you to a good place.

Step 5

Here's the reality: People who feel hurt have a tendency to hurt others. Sometimes they don't even know what they're doing or why. They just know they're hurt or mad or afraid.

Place yourself in one of two categories as you go through this subject:

a) Maybe you're the one on the receiving end of the anger. Go through the steps from that perspective to better understand what's happening and gain more control over situations that may be spiraling.

b) Maybe you're the one who's hurting and lashing out at others even when you don't want to. Go through the steps to better understand what's happening to you and how to deal with it.

Both perspectives will provide tools to use now to lessen the pain. The goal is for the hurtful patterns to change altogether.

Are you ready to find solutions?

Step 6

Alert: if you're consistently on the receiving end of rage, humiliating words or violent actions, then we urge you to seek help now to get out of a potentially dangerous situation.

Here's information to access the National Domestic Hotline:

Does this apply?

Step 7

'Blind Spots' runs for 21 days without breaks for weekends or holidays.

If you post to Publisher at the bottom of the page, check the message icon above for responses.

You can do these steps on your own. However, if you'd like to interact with others on this journey, feel welcome to join JP's local, Next Step online community, called a 'Campfire'.

If interested, post your email address to us in the last open space on any page. Let us know what city and state you live in and if you want to be placed in the same group as someone you know.

You'll receive an invite from Click on the link. You're in.

If you're reading this page from another site, then you'll have to sign in and create an account to be able to post comments and save your responses.

Step 8

Will you commit to show up each day, do your steps, and be honest with your answers?

See you tomorrow!

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