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Day 2_See It in Action_Part 2

Start:Jul 04, 2020

Duration:10 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the confidence to activate hope with a plan (Turning Heartache Into Triumph).

Description: The Next Step series was developed to guide foster teens and young adults through specific step-by-step actions. The steps act a lot like a ... Read More


Step 1

Welcome Back! We hope you enjoyed the movie.

a) Which film did you watch?
b) Who was the main character?

Step 2

Describe a scene from the movie that you related to the most without going into specifics or sharing more than you're comfortable with.

Step 3

Did the movie motivate you to make changes in your own life? If so, in what specific way?

Step 4

Are you ready to focus on what you have in your ability to change?

Step 5

That's enough for now.

Go do something nice for yourself. It's a habit that reminds you that you're someone to value.


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