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Start:Jul 05, 2020

Duration:10 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the confidence to resolve differences with your ego intact (Say What?! Escape from Drama).

Description: 'Escape Drama' is part of The Next Step navigational series developed by Jeremiah's Promise (JP). It's designed to be a personal GPS to prov ... Read More


Step 1

On Day 4 (yesterday), we encouraged you to look for an opportunity to begin changing one filter on your list.

What was the filter you wanted to change and did you find an opportunity to start dealing with it?

Step 2

How much more aware are you of things that get in the way of conversations you have?

Step 3

Have you noticed possible filters other people may have?

If so, what are they?

Step 4

Is your mirror beginning to reflect anything differently? Literally. Take a look. What's different?

Step 5

So....we've talked about the following Drama Busters:

1- Be honest. Chill. Keep the past the past as best you can.
2- Ears first. Mouth second. Listen twice as much as you speak.

How much have you applied these tips so far?

Step 6

Drum roll please....

Drama Buster #3
Don't Assume. Ask.

Put yourself in the other person's situation when the dust starts kicking up.

Give them the benefit of the doubt.

Ask them what they think that you're thinking about them? Or you could tell them you don't understand what they're saying. Explain, please.

That question can't help but shut down cold an escalating war of words.

It makes both of you stop and consider that one or both of you just may be wrong in your assumptions. Maybe a filter is off and a trigger was pushed.

The point is not to assume. Ask.

Will you try out this approach during the next 24 hours if you're in a disagreement?

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