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Title: Day 5_Gift to You
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Goal: this task will increase the determination of the goal to let go and move on, making it possible to gain something much better by doing so (Justice).
Next Step - JP published this Cognitive Task at under Societal | Foster Care and Education | Interpersonal and Social Skills
Doers: 10 | Form: Cognitive Task | Phase: | Type: Primary | Level: 1 | Code:
Start: Dec 07, 2019 | When: | Duration: 15 Minute(s)
  • We talked a lot about forgiveness in "Blind Spots, Baggage & Behavior".

    Forgiveness, or releasing the power that someone has over you, is a gift to yourself.

    It's best described as the decision to release yourself from the pain of injustice, not allowing the offender(s) or the experience to have control over you any longer. Forgiveness doesn't say it was okay. It trusts that a Higher Power will enact justice on your behalf.

    How much are you able to see forgiveness as a gift to yourself?
  • Joseph's secret was in the way he viewed his circumstances.

    There was no question that they sucked. But he learned that he could focus on the injustice or he could focus on the man he'd become.

    He chose the later, and his legacy is integrity, compassion, humility, power and leadership.

    Does his story inspire you to move forward in life and grow beyond what you thought were your limits?
  • If you feel ready to do so, practice forgiving - letting go - by saying the following:

    “(Fill in the name) I release you from having any hold on my life. My life is now my own. I'm taking back my power.”

    Are you ready to do this?
  • If you weren't yet ready to do the above exercise, will you give it some more thought?

    If you did do it, describe how you feel. What's changed inside? What do you like better about yourself? How are you stronger?
  • What would you tell someone else who's dealing with something similar?
  • How does it make you feel to offer hope to someone who could use some encouragement?
  • That's an invaluable gift, don't you think?
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