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Title: Day 5_Rise Up
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Goal: this task will increase the enjoyment around the goal to activate hope with a plan (Turning Heartache Into Triumph).
Next Step - JP published this Cognitive Task at under Societal | Foster Care and Education | Interpersonal and Social Skills
Doers: 9 | Form: Cognitive Task | Phase: | Type: Primary | Level: 1 | Code:
Start: Dec 06, 2019 | When: | Duration: 15 Minute(s)
  • Go to the 'demo' tab and watch this 2-minute video.

    Let us know your reaction to the message when you've finished.
  • Describe how you see yourself now versus how you would like to see yourself in the future.

    This is meant to be an objective exercise. Honestly assess where you are. No worries. We do this from time to time. It keeps us real.
  • Think about the challenges that are in your way.

    Name the stumbling blocks between the way you think of yourself now and the way you would like to see yourself.
  • List things you could do to remove the stumbling blocks.
  • Do one thing in the next 24 hours that begins removing a stumbling block.

    An example could be to distance yourself from people who are consistently critical of you or who tempt you to do things you know you shouldn't do.

    If you're the one who's often critical of others or who tempts people to do what they shouldn't, perhaps it time to apologize to them and commit to changing for the better.

    Describe the one thing that you'll commit to do in the next 24 hours that you believe you'll thank yourself for later.
  • To stay encouraged, try the "glad game".

    Wake up each day and think of at least one thing to be glad for, starting now.
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Publisher Next Step - JP sent a message on Aug 05, 2018
Message: Are you checking 1) 'my journal', 2) Community timeline and 3) Team timeline: If no, then you may be missing out on the best part of these isoBlogs! Take time to be encouraged and to encourage each other!
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