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Start:Jul 04, 2020

Duration:20 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to move on and gain something much better (Justice).

Description: 'Justice' is part of The Next Step series designed to as a personal nav system with step-by-step guidance for teens and young adults who've ... Read More


Step 1

As twisted as it seems, there's a price to pay for holding onto anger about injustice.

Are there feelings you'd like to talk about? If so, you're welcome to write about them in the space below.

Step 2

Do you think you'll never be able to let go of the pain?

Watch the video above by Kate Maree O'Brien and tell us what you think about her message.

Step 3

There's a strategy we touched on during the 'Blind Spots' navitents. It goes even further than what Ms. O'Brien suggested.

It's not easy, and maybe you're not ready yet.

The strategy is for you, and it allows you to move on without suffering anymore.

Wish 'em well.

Yep. Wish 'em well.

If you can bless the person who hurt you in a way that feels right to you, then you can clear the way to move on and for them to gain an opportunity to realize the hurt they've caused you and others.

It releases their power over you. You've let go.

You're free to move on even if the 'moving on' part is in your mind.

Your attitude becomes one of moving forward without guilt, regret or hardness.

Failure to move on only adds more harm. It steals your future as you focus more on your pain and less on your new opportunities.

The pain and bitterness then become your goal. The natural outcome of bitterness is to move backwards in increasing measures.

Take a moment if you're ready to do so, and wish the person well, doing so in a way that feels right to you. It can be very simple.

Step 4

If you blessed them, then how do you feel now?

Step 5

If you're tempted to latch onto bad memories, remember what that does to your insides every time you give in.

Will you make a mental note to let go of your feelings whenever bad memories surface?

The letting go happens as you determinedly focus more on your present opportunities, people in your life you enjoy, activities that put a smile on your face, or things you're doing to build a future for yourself. Those are just examples.

What are you most hopeful for - or are enjoying most - at this time?

Step 6

We hope you gain extraordinary strength and resilience to free yourself from bad memories as they surface.

We hope you give yourself the gift of walking away from your past and experiencing the joy of your future.

We hope you are given the perspective to see what's in your favor.

We hope you gain even more courage than you already have to grab hold of the real you and not let it go.

We hope you realize the gift of fresh starts.

We hope justice is served and that your tormentor acknowledges their wrongs, feels deeply sorry, and is able to change completely - or faces the penalty for not doing so.

How does that feel?

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