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Start:Jul 04, 2020

Duration:10 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the ability to move on and gain something much better (Justice).

Description: 'Justice' is part of The Next Step series designed to as a personal nav system with step-by-step guidance for teens and young adults who've ... Read More


Step 1

Have you ever been betrayed by a friend or someone else close to you?

If so, briefly state what happened.

Step 2

Go to the video icon above to discover more about how to handle the very difficult emotions that happen when we're betrayed.

Let us know how much the video helped - or didn't - when you've finished.

Step 3

Does the message hit home with you in any way?

What happened that you can't forget?

Step 4

Betrayal hits hard. Even the name sounds painful.

People often hurt others because they're hurting themselves and can't understand what they're doing.

Also contributing are feelings of jealousy, self absorption, a lack of maturity, inability to communicate conflict and pain avoidance.

None of this is right. None of it really helps when you're the target of someone's inability to cope.

So what do you do?

a) Move on. You don't have to remain friends, but you do have to let go of feelings that drag you down. If it's not helpful to be in their space, then move on.

b) Forgive. Let go of the pain by focusing on your present and future friends, family, opportunities and the person you are. If it's possible to remain on friendly terms, give the relationship time to see if they're really sorry and making changes that you can trust. Over time.

c) Wish them well if you decide you have to move on. Bless them in whatever way feels most appropriate to you.
It is perfectly okay to distance yourself and give yourself time to heal.

Are you willing to give any of the above a try?

Step 5

About that situation you can't forget, is it safe to speak with the person about what happened?

Is it even possible to do so?

If so, are you willing to have the conversation to relay what you thought happened and how it made you feel?

Step 6

If it's not possible to have a conversation, or you're just not ready to do so, then are you willing to begin the process of walking away from the negative feelings and the power the betrayal has had over you?

Step 7

All injustice hurts. It all stings.

We can remind ourselves about who we are because the core of who we are remains the same. No one can touch that.

So what do you see as a strength about yourself? What qualities do you really like? What kind of person to you aspire to become?

Step 8

Hang onto to that when bad things happen because nobody can touch that part of you.

How much do you agree with this?

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