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Title: Day 9_Putting It Together
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Goal: this task will increase the confidence of the goal to feel respected (Worthy of Respect).
Next Step - JP published this Cognitive Task at under Societal | Foster Care and Education | Interpersonal and Social Skills
Doers: 5 | Form: Cognitive Task | Phase: | Type: Primary | Level: 1 | Code:
Start: Dec 14, 2019 | When: | Duration: 15 Minute(s)
Elements: ( element | product | description | amt )
  • Writing Supplies : Paper | Generic | Sticky notes | 1 Each
  • Do you want to know what love, honor and respect really look like in everyday situations?

    These are the feelings you should feel if you are loved:

    You should feel good. You should feel at ease. You should feel happy. You should feel free to be yourself and to speak your mind. You should feel cherished, supported, encouraged, admired and highly regarded.

    How much do you agree with this perspective?
  • Think about the friends and family you have in your life now.

    Which ones make you feel loved?
  • You are respected when you feel free to express your opinions and are comfortable expressing them. You feel like an equal partner. You have a sense of being trusted.

    You are respected when others show self control when they're upset.

    You are respected when people are honest with you in a kind but direct way. You are respected when others speak well of you.

    When you tell someone something in confidence, they keep it to themselves. Your friends do not purposely embarrass you publicly on social media posts, humiliating pictures, mean texts, comments, etc.

    How much do you agree with this description about respect?
  • Which of your friends respect you based on the definition above?
  • How much do you generally treat yourself with love and respect based on what you've read above?
  • Now about honor....

    You are being honored when you feel deeply respected by others. You're admired for who you are.

    You are naturally trusted in keeping something confidential because you have a reputation for being trustworthy. You are given opportunities for advancement because of your ability and the way you treat others.

    You are treasured. Your friendship and your personhood are valued and held in high esteem.

    How much do you agree with this description of honor?
  • Which of your friends and family - or others you know - honor you for who you are?
  • Is there someone in your life you honor? If so, who is it and why do you feel this way?
  • If you are not feeling loved, respected or honored in one or more of your relationships, what can you do about it starting right now?

    Remember that this does not mean whining, complaining, or manipulating someone into treating you better.

    If that is the case, then you are contributing to the problem. Still, that doesn't justify being treated poorly.

    Maybe it means simply to express to people how you would like to be treated and how you would like to treat them.

    Will you talk to people about the way you feel if you believe you are being treated without love or respect? Remember, this is basic human decency we're talking about. It should be the standard of behavior.

    If they can't do that, then it's time to move on.
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