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“What Is A Navitent And Why Should I Care?”

Start:Nov 17, 2019

Duration:2 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the success of giving users a compelling reason to care about Navitents in their lives and the lives of those around them.

Description: This Navitent is your introduction to the Navitent platform. Our mission is simple: enable people to change the world one new skill, one ne ... Read More


Published By:

Brian Golter

Summary: Compelling reasons to use the Navitent platform

Step 1

What is an Navitent?

An Navitent is a simple-to-follow, step-by-step set of interactions toward any goal that matters to you.

People pursuing goals using Navitents are Trekkers.

The goal of this Navitent is to give you a compelling reason to care about Navitents in your life and the lives of those around you.

Are you ready to enter the world of Navitent?

Step 2

First, to help you understand what Navitents do, let's apply a simple visual image:

Imagine a navigational system that, instead of leading you to a destination, guides you step-by-step to the goals and outcomes that matter most to you.

Instead of typing in a location, you enter a goal that you want to attain.

Next, you see the steps that will get you to your goal in the most effective and successful manner possible.

When you have this image firmly established in your mind, select 'successful' and proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Now, apply this device to such things as helping a family member to defeat addiction or finding the job you always dreamed of.

Imagine this new device successfully guiding you to the goals that are most important to you right now, this very moment, and you are beginning to understand the power of a Navitent.

How clear is your understanding of what Navitents do so far?

Step 4

Did you know that before the invention of GPS and navigational systems people used fold out maps to get to their destinations?

These maps were awkward. Typically, users found it difficult to locate where they were on the map, let alone how to get to where they were going.

When it comes to finding solutions that will successfully get us to our goals, these maps are akin to the current state of the Internet.

For example, how often have you searched for a solution that was both meaningful and urgent (e.g., a family member just discovered that they have diabetes), only to get lost in page after page of blogs and product ads that did not pertain to your interests, needs or goals?

Step 5

Navitents deliver us from our current 'fold out map' state of the Internet.

Navitent direct us to the solutions we need, when we need them and give us a simpler, smarter and more reliable way to arrive at the goals we are all trying to get to.

If you could easily find and apply the solutions you were looking for, how much more valuable would the Internet be?

Step 6

In addition, the 'create' feature makes it simple for any individual, social network or organization to turn their content into Navitents.

All can publish their iNavitents for free or set a price and sell them throughout social media and the Internet.

Can you imagine guiding people all over the world in how to accomplish the things that you, or your organization, do best and getting paid to do so?

Step 7

Once you begin to deploy Navitents, you will have access to advanced analytics at the key points of your Trekkers’s schedule, level and success of behavior.

These analytics, unique to Navitents, will allow publishers (Trailblazers) to see when and where a Trekker is stuck. Trailblazers can send their Trekkers tailored solutions to meet their specific problem and needs. When Trekkers succeed, Trailblazers can send them the next level of goal to achieve.

With Navitents, all forms of publishing, training, mentoring and educating become an intimate experience tailored to the specific needs of each Trekker.

In your past, how much have you valued expert, one-on-one guidance that was focused on meeting your unique needs and goals?

Step 8

Using Navitents:

• An author can turn his work into an online training community or cottage industry
• A social movement can develop, distribute and prove their methods and effectiveness
• A primary care giver can find the best way to care for, support and track a loved one
• Teams and groups can create, share and compare activities and results across the cloud
• A multiple diagnosis patient can combine multiple lifestyle and care regimens
• Friends and family can plan, develop, publish and share all of their how-to and do-it-yourself

All use one online dashboard with one learning curve and enjoy complete cross-compatibility.

How would you use Navitents in your world?

Step 9

Cognitive, Nutritive, Active and other Navitents work together to transform the overwhelming amount of information on the Internet into a powerful tool that gets results that are both measurable and provable.

For example, you can help measure the results of this cognitive Navitent right now by answering a simple question related to its goal:

Has this Navitent succeeded in giving you a compelling reason to care about Navitents in your life and the lives of those around you?

Step 10

If you answered 'yes', then this Navitent has helped you arrive at the Trailblazer's goal. That's an important part of what Navitents do.

If you answered 'no', you can help the Trailblazer to improve this Navitent by sending them your responses and comments using the box at the bottom of this page.

That's also what Navitents do. They are the foundation of a growing 'Behavioral Intelligence' (BI).

Behavioral Intelligence allows the Navitent platform to learn from the movements of Trekkers.

As the platform learns, it will help future Trekkers by recommending the best Navitents to arrive at goals in the shortest and most effective manner possible.

In short, BI maps out the human condition as it makes its way toward goals: a 'GPS' for life.

Step 11

To explore the current world of Navitent in Beta, go to the Marketplace

Become a Trailblazer. Help other Trekkers. Do it.

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