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Start:May 27, 2020

Duration:5 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the success of introducing new users to the benefits of Navitents.

Description: What is a Navitent? This Navitent answers that question with a first hand, step-by-step demonstration. Discover why Navitents are "one ... Read More


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Brian Golter

Summary: Unconventional Wisdom, Unbelievable Results

Step 1

As an author of the book 'Your Right Job Right Now', I want to tell you why I took the time to convert my content into an Navitent.

Do you have a moment for a very short story?

Step 2

Several years ago a TV reporter once asked me, "What is the key to finding the right job in a difficult job market?"

I told her that after 25 years of observing job seekers, the individuals who consistently find the best jobs always have one thing in common: a genuine inner confidence.

How much does that answer surprise you?

(Note: to watch the interview with the reporter, go to 'demo' tab above.)

Step 3

The common factor was not experience, education, personality, a good resume or having the right connections, but genuine inner confidence.

She then asked, 'If I've been laid off and I'm having trouble paying my bills, how do you get that confidence?"

That's an excellent question. Are you interested in hearing the answer?

Step 4

First, here's what I wish I could have told the reporter:

"To get that confidence requires step-by-step, day-by-day, expert training. Unfortunately, there aren't any tricks or short cuts. Blogs, books, seminars and motivational content may inspire, but that inspiration rarely leads to any real and measurable improvements in confidence...and it's that level of confidence that makes all the difference. It's the difference between finding just "any job" and a job that will bring lasting fulfillment, meaning, growth and stability."

Do you agree that most job seeking advice tends to inspire, at best, but rarely increases confidence?

Step 5

However, I didn't give her that answer because, at the time, there simply wasn't a way to train a job seeker in the step-by-step, day-by-day actions required to gain confidence.

Even through I was a so called "expert", I came to the humbling realization that the current methods to help others find their right job (including my thriving job placement business, a book, seminar, website, social media and speaking engagements) were insufficient to get real, measureable results.

Now, having come to the realization that I was an 'ineffective expert', would you like to know what I did about it?

Step 6

I went looking for a way to turn advice and inspiration into behavioral change. A way to turn fear into confidence and defeat into victory.

And I found it. Its called a Navitent. And now you have found it too.

Would you like to hear how I would answer the reporter's question today?

Step 7

I'd look her in the eyes and say:

"The only way to get that confidence is by being personally and properly trained in the mind-set, attitudes and, most importantly, the BEHAVIORS of those who have found the best jobs in the worst markets. For the first time, on, that training is now available for anyone."

Now, let me ask you, how important is it to be able to search, find and successfully apply the best possible solutions to the goals you wish to attain?

Step 8

So, why are you doing a Navitent?

Because, other than having your own dedicated coach (one who knows what they are doing and, trust me, many do not), Navitents are the answer to finding and effectively applying the solutions to all your goals-both large and small.

Now, are you ready to go the Marketplace and find a solution to one of your goals?

Or, if you are like me and have a solution you would like to share with the world, are you ready to go to the Create feature and build your own Navitent today?

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