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Control Type 2 Diabetes For Life (Sample)

Start:Dec 09, 2019

Duration:1 Second(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the success of the goal to control Type 2 Diabetes for life.

Description: "Small Steps Big Rewards" is part of The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's National Diabetes Education Program. This cog ... Read More


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Brian Golter

Assessment: Diabetes Assessement

Duration: 3 Minute(s) | Zone: Open | Kind: Cognitive Trail


Step 1

A cognitive isoBlog, like the example below, is used like a simple GPS device to guide Diabetes patients through the complexity of their behavioral challenges. Regarding managing Diabetes, past President of the American Diabetes Association, James Gavin III, MD., PHD., states "...we need to put into their hands more of the kind of simple tools that show them how to make the lifestyle changes that will be so important in changing the outcome of their Diabetes". For more of his comments go to the 'demo' tab above. Do you agree with his observations?

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Steps of: Control Type 2 Diabetes For Life (Sample)


Step 1

WAlK for 30-minutes. If you need to, start slowly by walking five minutes more each day until you have built up to 30 minutes.

Will you agree to making a commitment to take a 30 minute WALK today?

Step 2


Are you willing to buy at least one different FRUIT OR VEGETABLE the next time you shop?

Step 3

GET ACTIVE. If you have not already done so, PICK AN ACTIVITY today that you enjoy. Consider:

*Dancing to the beat of your favorite music
*Playing soccer
*Riding a bike

Tell us an activity you enjoy and we will send you an isoBlog to assist you. Type the activity in the response field.

Step 4

READ FOOD LABELS. Choose foods with less fat, calories, and salt. Cut down on fried foods.

Tell us the kinds of foods you enjoy and we'll send you isoBlogs that match both your taste buds and your health goals.

Step 5

EAT SMALLER PORTIONS. Eat the foods you enjoy, but limit the servings sizes!

Are you going to following through on this step today?

Step 6

CHOOSE HEALTHY SNACKS. Eat fruits, veggies, or nuts instead of chips. Drink plenty of water.

How confident are you that you can successfully change your eating habits?

Step 7

COOK AHEAD and freeze food portions. This will help you have healthy and easy meals ready on days when you are too busy to cook.

Are you interested in learning more about how to prepare meals ahead of time?

Step 8

QUESTION: On a scale of 1-10, how helpful was this isoBlog in managing your Diabetes today?

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