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Start:Jul 03, 2020

Duration:5 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the success of the goal to create an isoBlog and train the world.

Description: Start isoBlogging and train the world with your expertise! This simple guide will take you step-by-step through the successful creation of ... Read More


Published By:

Brian Golter


Step 1

Have you ever sat by and watched as someone tried to do an exercise or work out routine that you could have done better? Perhaps, much better?

Step 2

How often have you wished that you could have stopped and shown that person how to do what they were doing in a much better way?

Step 3

Can you imagine that if that one person could benefit from your help, that hundreds, thousands and, perhaps, millions of other people could also benefit from your instruction?

How valuable might your expertise be to others?

Step 4

Welcome to isoBlogs!

When you create an isoBlog you give users simple to follow, structured, step-by-step instructions toward a specific active goal.

An example of an active goal might be how to help people lose that last ten pounds or prepare to run a 10K, etc.

Are your interested in hearing more?

Step 5

So, what is your active expertise?

If you could, what would you like to train other people to do better? Given your life experience, what goal are you uniquely qualified to help other people achieve?

Write your answer in the space provided.

Step 6

Now, let's create your first active isoBlog.

It's remarkably easy to do, after you finish this isoBlog, go to the 'Create' tab and follow the simple steps.

Do not delay, your expertise is greatly needed!

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