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How To Add & Schedule An IsoBlog

Start:Nov 17, 2019

Duration:5 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the success of the goal to learn how to use features.

Description: This simple isoBlog will walk you step-by-step through the successful use of one of powerful Features.


Published By:

Brian Golter


Step 1

Learn how to do anything you want, better and smarter, anytime you want by Adding an isoBlog to your Day Plan.

Step 2

After you sign into, click on 'Store' at the top of the page.

Step 3

You can review the top 'Trending' isoBlogs in each of the seven categories.

Step 4

To search the entire isoBlog store, go to the 'Basic Search" tab and use the 'category', 'sub-category' and 'filter' options to define your search criteria. A list of isoBlogs will appear that match your interests and goals.

Step 5

To further define your search, click the 'Advanced Search' tab. You can search by typing in your goal in the 'Goal' field or by any of the many other search criteria options available to you.

Step 6

Once you have found the isoBlog(s) that match your search, simply click on it and you will see a 'View Details' page. View a Bio on the isoBlogger, a description of the isoBlog, the goal, a video demo and many other details to help you decide if this is the right isoBlog for you.

Step 7

Click the 'add to my library' button and your new isoBlog will be added to your isoBlog library. (Note: you can access your isoBlog library in the 'manage' feature).

Step 8

To do your isoBlog, select the 'add to my dash' button. A 'scheduler' page will appear on your screen. If you want to do your isoBlog right now, click on the 'instant do' tab.

Step 9

To schedule your isoBlog:
a) Make sure there is a check mark in the 'Select' column next to your isoBlog.
b) In the 'Day(s)' column, select from the drop down menu in the 'when' field. Select the day(s) you want your isoBlog to appear on your 'Day Plan' (for example: 'Today', 'Day 3', 'Everyday').
c) Click on the 'Start Date' field to select the date you want to start your isoBlog.
d) Repeat for the 'End Date'. (Note: courses and tiered course do not have an 'End Date' field.)
e) Click on the 'add to my dash' button at the bottom of your dashboard. When your isoBlog has been successfully scheduled you will see a 'Yes' in the 'Dashed' column next to the check box. If you see 'No' review this step again until a 'Yes' appears in the 'Dashed' column.

Step 10

In the 'Day Plan' feature you will see the isoBlog(s) you scheduled for today. (Note: isoBlog(s) you scheduled for a future date will not appear on your Day Plan until that date.)

Step 11

You can use your scheduler to change the date of an isoBlog or to remove an isoBlog from your Day Plan. To remove an isoBlog, simply click the 'select' column and select the 'remove from scheduler' button at the bottom of the page.

(Note: isoBlogs removed from your scheduler will still be located in your isoBlog library for future use.)

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