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Title: Band Together Against Lyme: Commit. Resist. Win.
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Goal: this task will improve the successfulness to effect the goal to healing from the symptoms of Lyme disease.
Resist Lyme published this Cognitive Task at under Education | Health-Related Knowledge and Skills and Lifestyle | Disease
Doers: 7 | Form: Cognitive Task | Phase: Engagement | Type: Event | Level: 1 | Code:
Start: Mar 22, 2019 | When: | Duration: 15 Minute
  • If your life were an action adventure story, would Lyme disease be your arch enemy?

    Unfortunately, this analogy may be seem more real to you than you would like to admit as you battle your formidable nemesis.

    It's quite likely that you have fought well only to have your victories snatched away. There are days when it feels like it will never end. There are times when it seems the disease has won, and you feel like the walking wounded. Worse, this struggle can feel very lonely.

    Well, be encouraged! You have a new and potent ally. It is our business to help you find the specific strategy that turns your defeats into victory.

    Would you like to hear more?
  • We are going to take a revolutionary approach to the battle against Lyme Disease.

    Throughout history, there have emerged small resistance movements that were able to overcome the force of a much greater and more powerful enemy against all odds.

    What if we were to apply the same methods that these movements used and direct them against chronic Lyme disease?

    Do you agree that such an approach is intriguing?
  • Successful resistance movements tend toward a common theme. People do the following:

    a) Band together to fight. They form well trained, dedicated and organized communities.

    b) Outsmart their enemy. They gather intelligence about the enemy's strategy.

    c) Learn from their mistakes. They systematically track their results and use that information to develop a new plan that gains victory.

    How important do you believe these three steps are to your success against Lyme disease?
  • Band Together To Fight

    Our aim is to form well trained, dedicated and organized communities of 'resistance fighters'.

    Let's use an illustration to clarify what we mean by this.

    Visualize a small resistance movement that was operationalized, using simple strategies that proved profoundly successful. In this instance, we're talking about the French Resistance fighters in World War II.

    They, also, were a small portion of the French population dedicated to giving every effort they had to foil a powerful invader and to bring stability back to their country. Historians and French officials estimate that there were only 2 to 10 percent of French citizens who were part of the underground movement to defeat their German invaders.

    Without trivializing their monumental and heroic efforts, we thought you might understand how goals may succeed when concerted strategies are applied and carried out with absolute commitment.

    They, too, wanted to restore their everyday lives.

    They, too, felt overwhelmed, underfunded and outmanned.

    They, too, were exhausted, frustrated and often felt the sting of defeat.

    But they refused to give up. Even though it was a life or death struggle, they put it all on the line. Everything.

    These amazing heroes and heroines learned how to work together to develop and execute a strategic resistance that did much to defeat the Nazi army within France.

    Go to the "demo" tab above to see how these resistance fighters - many of them women and teens - played a pivotal role in overcoming a persistent and very difficult enemy.

    So, we will band together to fight.

    How much hope does it give you to know that it only takes a determined few to effect change for many?
  • Outsmart The Enemy

    We, too, will gather intelligence about the strategies of our own persistent enemy, including those methods that were effective and those that were ineffective and for whom.

    Keep in mind that when battling against overwhelming odds, you must have a strong and nimble offensive. This tool will give us the ability, for the first time, to mount such an attack.

    It will allow us to:

    a) Look at the entire spectrum of individual treatment that includes pharmaceutical therapies and other treatment regimens, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and any psychological or spiritual aspects of your journey.
    b) Gather intelligence like never before regarding effective protocols and therapeutic regimens.
    c) Determine what works for one person or groups of people that may not work for others.
    d) Discover simple, effective solutions and how to apply those solutions to specific individuals and patient groups.

    Are you beginning to see how this strategy is quite unique?
  • Learn From Our Mistakes

    We will systematically track our results and use that information to gain victory over our Lyme enemy.

    This platform is designed to collect data and isolate other variables that will be effective in reaching solutions that have otherwise been hard, if not impossible, to reach.

    The "iso" in "" stands for isomorphic variance. This is a process that weeds out what is not helping and isolates the variables that DO prove effective for people just like yourself.

    The founder of Furious Integrated Training System, which developed this platform you are using, envisioned this novel site because several relatives close to him had significant health scares that made him, you guessed it, furious because search engines they used gave them erroneous advice that may have been helpful to others but nearly caused tragic outcomes for them.

    Can you relate to misguided or confusing advice?
  • A Resistance Movement cannot succeed without a dedicated few who will give all to save others. That’s where you come in. We need your commitment to this process to fight back against this disease both for yourself and others.

    We cannot succeed without your commitment, passion, involvement and dedication to this fight. This cannot be a half-way effort because this disease, as you well know, does not play fair.

    How enthusiastic are you in becoming a Resistance Fighter on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • If your answer above was a 7 or greater, then we believe you have the passion and dedication required to do isoBlogs.

    These isoBlogs are designed to capture information for the Lyme foundations and researchers for the purposes of creating and disseminating the right solution at the right time for individuals like you.

    What is an isoBlog? It is steps toward a goal. In fact, you're doing one right now!

    The point is that we all are unique individuals with varied immune systems, disease symptoms, treatment options, lifestyle variables, etc. This platform is designed to capture what is different about you and measure the outcomes you achieve as you do these steps.

    Your goal for the next 90 days is to do the isoBlogs you are sent each day that will be tailor made for you based upon your current treatment regimen and lifestyle. The isoBlog link will arrive in your inbox each weekday, or you may use the mobile app from the App Store or Google play.

    Are there any questions or comments up to this point? You may ask in the space provided.
  • To summarize, as a Lyme Resistance Fighter, you are asked to do the following:

    a) Do your isoBlogs each week day for 90 days
    b) Share your results online with your assigned study monitor
    c) Give honest responses
    d) Do not give up if you fail on occasion

    If you understand and agree with what is asked of you, then welcome to a Resistance Movement that is being carried out in the spirit of all of those who have had to overcome overwhelming odds to gain victory for themselves and others!

    Welcome to the battle. We will fight until we have a cure. We will fight to bring purpose and significance to our suffering, pain and all that has been taken away from us. We will fight until we win.

    "We will beat it one step at a time, together. In fact, we need to all work together, support one another, share treatments-what worked, what didn’t and just provide each other with the love we need to get our lives back. Many people know very little about Lyme. I’m going to change that." - Christina C.

    Do you agree with Christina?
  • As noted previously, you will receive isoBlogs (steps toward a goal) that will be developed for you based upon your current regimen.

    The first session will ask you to list your current treatment plan, as well as, a few brief questions about areas of your life that may be affected by Lyme and related symptoms. Take no longer than 20 minutes to complete the session.

    We will operationalize your plan based upon your responses.

    All we ask is that you to do the steps toward your goal each weekday for 90 days. You'll see the link in your email inbox. Take no more than 10 minutes to do each session.

    At the end of each day's session, post a comment to the Publisher at the bottom of the page to let them know you have completed that day's tasks. The post may be as simple as "done". This is how you will share your results. It really is that simple.

    Check "my journal" for comments and encouragement. The "my journal" tab is located in your Day Plan. That tab is located at the top of the page.

    You may reply to comments left for you.

    How does it make you feel to know you are joining a group of people who are committed to a plan of action that will find solutions for yourself and others to overcome this debilitating disease?
  • That's all for now!

    Include your email at the bottom of the page in the Publisher's journal, and we'll send you the assessment isoBlog shortly.

    You will receive the weekday steps (isoBlogs) upon completion of the assessment.

    If you have questions or comments, you are welcome to post them, too, at the bottom of each day's sessions.

    Until then, Bienvenue! Merci and Bonne Chance!
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