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Track Your IsoBlog Results

Start:Jul 08, 2020

Duration:3 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the success of the goal to learn how to use features.

Description: This simple isoBlog will walk you step-by-step through the successful use of one of powerful Features.


Published By:

Brian Golter


Step 1

The Track feature allows you to view your isoBlog results over time.

You can see your progress as you move step-by-step closer to your goal.

Step 2

When you sign into you will see the 'Track' tab on your screen.

Step 3

By clicking the Basic or Advanced search you will see two fields that allow you to set a start date and end date for the isoBlog(s) you wish to track.

Step 4

The Basic search tab allows you use 'category', 'sub-category' and 'filter' options to define your search criteria.

Step 5

Using the Advanced search, you can search by goal or by any of the many other search criteria options available to you.

Step 6

After clicking the search bar you will see the date, name, form, phase, zone, type, level and the score of your isoBlog(s).

Step 7

By clicking the isoBlog name you can review the isoBlog content and your specific results for that date.

Step 8

By clicking on the 'Track friends' button you can Track the results of your friends who have used the 'Shared Track' feature to share their results with you.

This allows you to see to your friend's progress as they move closer to accomplishing their goals.

Step 9

Now go train the world with your expertise!

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