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How To Manage Your Account

Start:Jul 16, 2020

Duration:5 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the success of the goal to learn how to use features.

Description: This simple isoBlog will walk you step-by-step through the successful use of one of powerful Features.


Published By:

Brian Golter


Step 1

The Manage feature allows you to:

1) Manage your isoBlog library
2) Manage your Element's library
3) Set Publishing Permissions for your isoBlogs
4) Review who you are Following and who is following you
5) Enter and update your Profile
6) Change your account Password
7) Set up and manage your Merchant Account

Step 2

When you click the Manage tab you will see your isoBlog Library-a catalogue of all your isoBlogs. You can use the Basic and Advanced search tabs to locate the specific isoBlog(s) you are looking for.

You will see the form, name, goal and publisher of each isoBlog. Manage allows to 'instant do', schedule, edit, see the details or delete the isoBlog(s) from your Library.

You can also Edit your isoBlog by clicking the 'Name/Title' of the isoBlog. Go to 'Learn it': 'How To Edit Your IsoBlog' for further direction.

Step 3

By clicking the 'Elements Library' you can view all you elements or use the search fields to select specific elements. Click the 'edit' tab to make changes to any element that is in your library. You can also delete elements from your library.

Step 4

'Publishing Permission' allows you to set the Protection and Publish status of the isoBlogs you have created.

In Protection you can choose from 'public' or 'protect'. 'Public' means you are granting other users permission to add your isoBlogs to the sessions, courses and tiered courses they are creating. Users can add but cannot edit your isoBlogs. 'Protect' means other users cannot add your isoBlogs to the isoBlogs they are creating.

In Publish you can choose from 'publish' or 'unpublished'. Published isoBlogs are available to all users. You can share your Unpublished isoBlogs with other users through the Share feature but your isoBlogs will not be available in the Store.

You can use the Manage feature at any time to change the protection and publishing status of any isoBlog you have created.

Step 5

'Following' allows you to:

1) See the isoBlogs that the publishers you are following have sent you
2) View a list of the publishers you are following and
3) See the doers who are following you.

Additionally, you can click on any of the live links to see more details about publishers, doers and isoBlogs.

Step 6

'Alerts' allows to you send yourself daily or weekly emails with your 'My Day Plan' embedded into the body of the email. Click 'Alerts' and select from one of the two options.

Step 7

The 'Profile' function allows you to upload your image and write a Bio.

Doers are given the opportunity to view your profile throughout the site.

Step 8

Use the 'Password' function to change your password.

Step 9

The Merchant Account page allows you to receive funds for the isoBlogs that you have created for purchase.

You will need your checking account number and routing number to create your account.

Step 10

Now go train the world with your expertise!

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IMac; MacBook Pro; iPad; all PCs