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Start:Nov 21, 2019

Duration:5 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the ability to apply Cal/OSHA safety standards for the construction industry.

Description: This Navitent will increase the successfulness of applying OSHA's safety standards. This information was taken from Cal/OSHA Pocket Guide f ... Read More

Summary: Safety Made Simple

Step 1

The next Steps cover Cal/OSHA safety regulations for Laser Equipment. Where appropriate, we have referenced the code from Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations.

The topics we will cover in this Navitent are:

-Primary Hazard
-Authorized Operation
-Unattended Equipment
-Pointing of Beams
-Labeling of Maximum Output
-Posting of Warning Signs

After each of the next Steps, select the 'successful' response to indicate that you have read and understand the Step.

Select 'successful' now and proceed.

Step 2

Primary Hazard

The primary hazard of using laser equipment is injury to the eyes.

Steps 3 through 8 below detail the selected regulatory requirements for Laser Equipment.

Step 3

Authorized Operation

Only qualified persons may operate laser equipment. 1801(a)

Step 4

Unattended Equipment

Equipment must be turned off or shielded when unattended and not in use. 1801(e)

Step 5

Pointing of Beams

Laser beams must never be pointed or directed at persons. 1801(g)

Step 6

Labeling of Maximum Output

Lasers must have a label indicating their maximum output. 1801(i)

Step 7


Employees who have a potential exposure to direct or reflect laser light greater than 5 milliwatts shall be provided with anti-laser eye protection as specified in Section 3382(e), 1801(c).

Step 8

Posting of Warning Signs

Warning signs and labels (in accordance with American National Standards Institute) must be posted in areas where lasers are used. 1801(d)

Step 9

How much did this Navitent help you to understand the Cal/OSHA safety regulations for Laser Equipment, including:

-Primary Hazard
-Authorized Operation
-Unattended Equipment
-Pointing of Beams
-Labeling of Maximum Output
-Posting of Warning Signs

Select your response below.

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