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Start:May 29, 2020

Duration:15 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will increase the confidence to activate hope with a plan (Turning Heartache Into Triumph).

Description: The Next Step series was developed to guide foster teens and young adults through specific step-by-step actions. The steps act a lot like a ... Read More


Step 1's the thing. We can tell you something that will give you more confidence or lead you in the right direction, but how long can you hang onto what we said?

Yeah, right. Not many people can. We can't. A mentor can talk to us, but we forget it. A video can show us, but we zone out.

Action, though, makes the message stick. Working it out each day makes us different people, maybe a little smarter and a little better about the stuff that used to blind side us.

If you simply follow the steps and do the tasks they ask you to do, then bit by bit and day by day, things start changing. You start changing.

It's the action on your part that sinks in and becomes a way of life. When you do the hard thing for yourself, you own the victory.

That's what The Next Step is about - you owning the victory. We just shed a little light each day to help you get there.

Go to the step below and get a feel for your first of many wins.

Are you in?

Step 2

Have you heard the tale about a baby eagle who grew up with chickens?

Well, the story goes that the eaglet was found alone and placed in a chicken coop where it grew up thinking it was like the other birds it was around every day.

The young eagle never realized it was one of the most majestic birds to ever take to the sky.

In fact, it never flew. The bird was never given the chance.

This magnificent creature thought it was a chicken because all the other birds in the coop were chickens. So it bent its head to the ground, ate seeds and clucked like the others.

The eagle lived its life on the ground, never reaching the graceful, soaring heights it was intended to climb.

Can you relate to any part of this tragic story?

Step 3

If that story sparked something inside of you, then you must not be a chicken.

You're an eagle.

How do you start to soar, though, if all you've known is a chicken coop?

It starts in your mind. Begin by knowing who you are and believing it so much that you start pursuing things that lift you in that direction.

Try this. Describe a dream you have that challenges you to aim high. You would have to give it everything you have to achieve it.

Step 4

Take a moment to imagine yourself having already achieved that goal.

To reach this milestone would make you feel like you're soaring.

Take this task very seriously.

Use your imagination to visualize the 'you' who has achieved something you thought was out of your reach.

Select 'successful' when you have that image in your mind.

Step 5

When you saw this new 'you' how did you feel about yourself?

What did it do for your confidence? Your hopes about the future?

Step 6

What is one specific action you can take now to improve your ability to pursue the things that will take you toward that image of yourself?

You need to be realistic here. Focus on the first step.

Don't set yourself up for failure by trying to do too much too fast. At the same time, don't be lazy and shortchange yourself.

Hint: staying with the guidance that these steps offer on a daily basis is a perfectly acceptable way to begin.

Step 7

One of the fastest ways to grow into the image you saw of yourself in Step 3 is to share it with someone.

Even if the person already knows about it, give them an update about your current progress, including any challenges you're experiencing.

Involving other people is one of the best steps you can take to reach your goal! It's important.

If you don't have someone you can trust enough to share, then try this alternative: schedule Turning Heartache into Triumph from You'll see it listed under The Next Step tab.

Do the steps each day and post to the publisher in the last open box on the page. That's a way to share your dreams and move closer to your vision.

As the story goes, "You can cluck with the chickens or soar like an eagle."

You're an eagle. Soar.

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