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Day 1_Are My Eyes Telling My Brain the Truth

Start:May 27, 2020

Duration:15 Minute(s)

Goal: this Cognitive Trail will improve the confidence to resolve differences with your ego intact (Say What?! Escape from Drama).

Description: 'Escape Drama' is part of The Next Step navigational series developed by Jeremiah's Promise (JP). It's designed to be a personal GPS to prov ... Read More


Step 1

Does drama seem to follow you around?

Do you crave peace? Understanding? Respect? A little love, maybe?

Do you REALLY want to lower the drama in your life?

If so, continue to the next step.

If not, we invite you to return when someone has finished standing on your last nerve.

You have two choices.

Yes: You are ready to do what it takes to find some peace.
No: That last nerve's not done yet.

Step 2

Describe your most recent argument. What started it and how did it end?

Step 3

Here's the thing about drama. It kicks into high gear when we aren't honest with ourselves or other people.

Chaos gets a free pass when other people aren't honest with us. Trouble can't help but bust out. Feelings are hurt. Friendships are damaged.

But who can be truthful when they don't know what's tripping them up? The short answer is no one.

Do you agree?

Step 4

Honesty begins by understanding what forms our beliefs about ourselves. This is our mindset. It determines how we perceive what people are saying.

We tend to encourage or offend people based upon how we see ourselves and how we've come to trust or mistrust others. Like it or not, honesty and trust are linked.

How much value to you place on being honest with yourself and others?

Step 5

Go to the 'video' icon above and watch the clip from the movie "I Am David."

Tell us what you thought about the message when you've finished.

Step 6

Imagine you're looking into a mirror.

How do you see yourself? Describe yourself in the space provided.

Step 7

It's important to assess who we see in the mirror.

We tend to view others the way we see ourselves and often treat them accordingly.

Unfortunately, very few of us see ourselves the way we really are. Most of us can easily point out the bad stuff, but what about the good?

How optimistic are you that you can see the good in yourself?

Step 8

For many, if not most of us, negative thoughts keep playing in the back of our minds, and they can't help but distort what we hear.

These messages form filters and we register everything said to us through those filters. If they're negative, then that's going to work against us.

Do you understand so far? If not, keep going. It takes a little time for most of us. Give yourself that time.

Step 9

Picture a horse with blinders. It's a lot like that. We get a partial view that distorts reality.

We all have filters that can distort what we think we see or hear. These filters could be age, gender, education, race, ethnicity, wealth, poverty, family background, social status or other negative experiences.

You see, sometimes our eyes and ears tell our brains something that is false or only partially true. That misinformation can stir up unnecessary trouble.

Describe your own filters to the best of your ability.

Step 10

That's enough for now.

'Escape Drama' runs for 21 days without breaks for weekends or holidays.

If you post to Publisher in the last open space at the bottom, then check 'my journal' for posts back to you.

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Will you commit to show up each day, do your steps, and be honest with your answers?

If so, then you're in step with many, many teens and young adults like you who are on the same path to experience a future better than they may have imagined.

Welcome aboard!

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